Investing in Land to Build

We are not like many run-of-the-mill land investment companies – offering you huge returns on useless pieces of land around the UK.

We do not buy land that will have no value and just re-sell it on. We look at land investments where we will build property for you and will make a return on the sale of the property.

10% Yield Per Annum

Unlike many land investment companies, we offer a guaranteed 10% return yield per annum. This is an offer that no other investment company can offer – simply due to the fact we spend most of our research time looking at land that will return at least 10% back to our customers.

Over the past 2 years we have managed to secure between 10 and 22% return yield on properties across Yorkshire. Our commitment to our customers is to provide the best possible land investment with the greatest return.

Expensive Housing

Affordability has plummeted – in the last 40 years the average house price to salary ratio has almost doubled; the price of the average home purchased is now almost 7x the average annual salary of the buyer.

Living in the UK and aspiring to live a reasonable lifestyle can sometimes not be achieved with traditional home-buying. Often, buying land and building property to your specification can be the only way to get the house you always dreamed of. Home-building is on the rise in the UK with

A Simple process

If you are interested in buying land for building investment, please contact us as soon as possible. We are always looking at potential land investment opportunities and will tailor your proposal with our portfolio.

Once we have established your land development a formal agreement between Structured Acquisitions and you (the land investor) will be drawn up by our solicitors. A payment schedule will be established and building work will commence.

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Custom Build

Custom build homes are those homes built with the assistance of a developer such as Structured Acquisitions. We make this process as hassle-free as possible as we are not only experts in land investment, but also in construction. This unique position of our firm has allowed us to give our customers the best of both areas of property investment.

We are an integrated Custom Build Developer – sourcing a site for you as well as building and securing contracts and maintaining the property throughout the build process as well as legal issues. This decreases the risk for our property buyers and allows you to have a say in the design work and leave the heavy-lifting to us.